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ICC@100 9 Οκτ. 2019 (13:30-17:30)

  Under the Auspices of H.E.The President of Hellenic Republic

Mr. Prokopios Pavlopoulos

ICC100 ATHENS 2126x945

To commemorate 100 years of excellence, the International Chamber of Commerce (ICC) and ICC Hellas, in partnership with the 2019 Athens Democracy Forum in Association with The new York Times, will host a series of events, to address the next century of global business, whith the participation of Prime Minister, K. Mitsotakis, from 9-11 October 2019.

Featuring local and international speakers, the ICC Centenary - Europe (ICC@100) celebration, on 9 October 2019 (13:30-17:30), following the welcome address by the Minister of Develpment & Investments A. Georgiadis, will provide a platform for engaging discussions on:

The role of the Bretton Woods institutions and the WTO in strengthening global trade

and will feature an expert-led discussion on the emerging issue of:

“The use of Space in Digital Economy”

Event language: English (translation will not be available)


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